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biz2biz connections member testimonialI have been involved with Biz2Biz Connections for over a year now, and it has yielded many strong contacts that have been a source of good referrals and direct business for my company. In particular is American Floor Care’s owner Craig Collins, who hired us to produce a holiday television commercial that provided his company with a high degree of visibility. Thanks Bob for all you are doing for the business community in Shawnee, Overland Park and Lees Summit.

Rick Huyett
Wheatland Productions, Inc.

biz2biz connections member testimonialI have been a regular attendee at Biz2Biz Connections for about 6 months now and have met many great small business people from various industries throughout the Kansas City area. It has developed into one of my best regular networking events where I can always count on meeting someone new each week. In addition, it has been a great new business generator for me. Professional networking works!

Jason Black
Digital Partners

biz2biz connections member testimonialBiz2Biz Connections works!!! People like Anna Randazzo Arbonne, Scott Schwartz, Send Out Cards, Lisa K, Rain, Zolie Gilgus, Nutty Bavarian, Brad Larson, Vision PCS & all the members support have put Mickey "The Cotton Candy Man" on the map. Special thanks to Cathy Weaver & Larry Schneider, Miracles With Water for introducing me the wonderful world of networking.

Mickey Levey
Mickey "The Cotton Candy Man"

biz2biz connections member testimonialI have been going to Bob's Biz to Biz connections for a little over a year. At the beginning I was skeptical. It just started and the groups was small. A year later the group has increased significantly and now hosts events around the metropolitan. Biz 2 Biz offers you one on one interaction with business professionals with out the overwhelming chamber crowds. Biz 2 Biz has introduced many prospects that have became valued clients. I plan on growing BDS with Biz 2 Biz's network.

Khoi Pham
Business Data Security

biz2biz connections member testimonialThe thing I like most about Biz2Biz Connection is how friendly and happy everyone is. The goal for any networking group is to help one another. Biz2Biz takes this seriously but with a sense of humor, openness and in a manner that makes everyone feel welcome. I encourage you to get involved today!

Christine Snyder
Snyder Homes


biz2biz connections member testimonialOver the past several weeks, Cathy Weaver has been so very kind to supply me with FREE Kangen water. She greets me at her door with her friendly smile, "fills me up", and helps carry the containers back to my car. She is always so positive and energetic...she's a joy to be around! I've read and researched the benefits and the amazing cures that this water provides...very powerful! I hope to purchase a machine someday soon.


Dean A. Long


biz2biz connections member testimonialWho would you rather work with? The Unknown Salesman or A Smiling Friend who is genuinely happy to see you at Bob's weekly parties and who has your best interests at heart? My job is sharing the benefits of the Shawnee Chamber of Commerce with more businesses and Bob and I have a tough time keeping track of all my new chamber members who I first met through him. We'll see you soon.


Amy Graves (Chamber Amy)


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