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Thought for the Week: Subconscious

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For many years I have listened to the CD by Tony Robbins / Hour of Power while exercising. And now, I repeat the phrases learned & created at random during the day but ALWAYS in the morning. There are two I particularly like:

    1. Every day in every way "I AM" (keep repeating)
  • kinder & kinder
  • healthier & healthier
  • stronger & stronger
  • smarter & smarter
    2. All I need is within me now (repeat All)
  • the LOVE I need is within me now
  • the tenacity I need is within me now
  • the generosity I need is within me now

Have fun & make up your own words, feelings, challenges, goals, etc. When you say them  - 


Train your brain to think these thoughts automatically. To become part of your subconscious and therefore part of -



The Business Club of Overland Park

OK - this week is the 5th week of the month & that makes it slow at the club without our 1st & 3rd or 2nd & 4th week meeting schedule, so stop by & say hello! Check out the club and have a cup of coffee or tea. Maybe even snack on a pastry. Let me know when you plan on stopping by and I'll meet you there if my schedule permits. Have a great week. (I will be gone on Friday.)

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