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Thought for the Week: Goals

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You're leaving an event you just attended with the goal to build your business by meeting some new contacts. Was it successful? You got a pocket full of business cards. Was that really your overall goal? Now what? Was one or two of those cards from people you set follow up one on one appointments, or were any of them possible ideal clients, or maybe someone who has a service YOU might need? It's hard to judge without specific attainable goals set before you attended the event.

That way you KNOW you did what you wanted to do. So, next time - - Set some goals - - I am going to meet X number of new contacts,  - - I am going to set X number of one on one appointmemts, - - I am going to introduce a new contact to one of my contacts, etc. Next time give it a try, go to the event on purpose, with a plan and some preset goals. You just might discover that yes, YES, it was a success because you accomplished ALL of your goals.

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