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Thought for the Week: Purpose

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Last week on Friday at the Club we had an all day event with speakers on a variety of subjects including networking. I opened the show for breakfast @ 8:00 a.m. and I was followed by Alana Muller (Coffee - Lunch - Coffee). After her presentation about HER "purpose" she challenged us all to come up with our purpose in five, yes 5, words to describe our purpose. She had done this for herself. When I sat down Saturday afternoon I came up with - "Connecting people to a better life". Then, after a few hours, and a lot of thought, I changed it. The word better bothered me because I thought better than what? So, at this point, I describe MY PURPOSE as:

"Connecting people to an enriched life of friendships"

What's your purpose? Can you describe you purpose in five words? It took me eight. If you do come up with one let me know what it is.



What a GREAT, FABULOUS, AWESOME Celebration for our FIRST anniversary. You (the Members) are some of the best business professionals gathered in one collective group of support I have ever had the privilege to associate with.

Mark your calendars - June 10th (second Wednesday of the month) is our Coffee Social. Last month was a hit. Good turnout. Next month on the 10th Let's do a GREAT one. Yea, that's the ticket - - not a hit, but a home run. VISITORS WELCOME!

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